B2B Marketing Data

B2B marketing is essential in maintaining longstanding relationships with a range of clients, bringing in more profits for your company. Build new B2B relationships today with Sava Marketing.

B2B Marketing Data


It doesn’t matter how familiar you are with the various marketing practices and strategies we use. At Sava Marketing, we are dedicated to making things as simple for you as we possibly can. Whether you’re an expert in this area or just trying to wrap your head around what it all means, understanding the importance of B2B marketing is crucial in developing business success. B2B marketing data simply means “business-to-business” marketing. In essence, this is where your business is trying to sell a product or service on to another business.

This contrasts with B2C marketing, which involves your business trying to sell a product or service directly on to the customer themselves. You can read more about B2C marketing data here. The method of marketing your business requires may differ depending on what kind of campaign you are considering. We can offer advice surrounding which method would be best for you

The Importance of B2B Marketing Data


B2B marketing is often centred around the use of data, as your business will be focused on generating new leads and reaching more potential customers. The audience that you are directing your marketing message towards is always important within the marketing industry. If you’re directing your campaigns at an audience that hasn’t been specifically targeted, the efforts and money invested in your campaign are much more likely to be wasted.

B2B marketing therefore involves collecting data that you can use in order to send out marketing campaigns to particular targeted businesses, rather than to a randomly selected group of businesses that may have no interest whatsoever in your product or service. B2B marketing data involves sending out your campaigns to organisations that may wish to purchase your services, rather than to individual customers. These can be selected from a range of variables within the data we have collected, so attention to detail here is key.

How is B2B Marketing Communicated?

There are a number of ways to send out your campaigns. Whether this is via email, direct mail, or telemarketing, the response rates you receive from each method may differ. This is because some marketing methods will be better suited to your specific target audience.

We can send out B2B marketing campaigns through social media, refining your digital presence and creating enticing emails, alongside a variety of other methods. The goal is to first capture the attention of the potential customer (in this case, it will be an organisation or business). They will then consider whether your product or service solves the problem that has led them to you. In B2B marketing, there may be a few levels of decision-makers that are consulted before the business decides to purchase your product or service. This means it is often more difficult to recruit B2B customers. B2B customers are often looking for successful long-term partnerships with the businesses they work with, focusing on whether purchasing from you will be financially beneficial and increase their own sales.

The way people respond to marketing efforts also differs as societal and cultural behaviours change, which may happen over a number of years as various means of technology develop and new ways of communicating become popular. As an experienced data marketing company, we can help you select the most responsive methods of B2B marketing that will suit your particular needs.

What is Explicit Data?

Explicit data is the collection of personal data that an individual has explicitly agreed to share with you. This may involve them entering their email address on a landing page, answering surveys or filling out contact forms. Collecting explicit data can get tricky as it depends on the level of information the lead is willing to share with you themselves – and it also takes more effort on their part.

What is Implicit Data?

Implicit data is collected differently, as it involves using data surrounding how the lead is interacting with your online presence. For example, collecting cookies and using specific marketing software that works with your website can provide you with insights as to which products or services the lead is interested in. This can give you a great deal of information as to how they browse your site.

As an example, how much they are interacting with blog posts may show their level of interest in your products. This is all based on “implicit” information – while the lead has not directly expressed their interest to you, you can assume they may be interested due to their activity on your website.

How Sava Marketing Can Help You with B2B Marketing Data

As an experienced B2B marketing data company, we have developed a range of reliable and up-to-data B2B marketing lists. The collection of this data is fully GDPR compliant as per our business values, and we use this data to strategically communicate your campaign with the selected lists of businesses that we think would yield the best results. This involves our efforts in understanding your specific business offerings. We then work with you to pair your campaign to a range of other businesses that are likely to be interested in what you are offering. Specific records can be selected based on industry, location and annual turnover, amongst a range of other variables.

Our B2B Marketing data is available on either a single use term or 12-month multi-use license. The minimum order for our services is £400, plus a £40 production charge. VAT is then added on to this cost.

If you’re looking to run a successful B2B marketing campaign by directing your efforts to the businesses most likely to respond, feel free to get in touch with us so we can discuss exactly how we could help you and your business.

Not all data providers are the same. We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise in a consultative manner.

Not all data providers are the same. We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise in a consultative manner.